Here you will find resources related to the INSIGHT Health Data Research Hub, including factsheets to download, videos and podcasts, and links to external sites related to data and eye health. For researchers, there are also links to academic papers from members of the INSIGHT team. 

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Blogs and opinions from the INSIGHT team


External links

INSIGHT is part of Health Data Research UK (HDR UK). Here are some useful links to their websites:

Eye health

If you are looking for information about eye health, the following links may help. You can also find comprehensive information about a wide range of eye conditions on the main NHS website



​Resources for researchers

Here we list a selection of academic papers and research projects from the INSIGHT team and others that apply advanced analytics, including ariticial intelligence, to various eye health data. All links are to external sites.

A list of papers related specifically to INSIGHT can be found on the HDR Innovation Gateway

Retinal disease


Some recent research using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning:

Diabetic retinopathy

Here are some recent examples of research using eye datasets to investigate the effectiveness of current treatments and the potential for new screening techniques powered by artificial intelligence:





Personalised medicine


Health data poverty