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Transforming Eye Care in the Community with AI

Eye care at the community level, provided at a local optician’s for example, could be transformed by artificial intelligence (AI), positioning optometrists and general eye care practitioners as even more significant agents in the triage of patients.


Presenting by video to an industry and clinical audience at the recent Vision Monday Leadership Summit in New York, INSIGHT director Pearse Keane explained the coming wave of AI technology currently being developed by researchers at UCL’s Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields — using INSIGHT’s cloud computing and data capabilities to curate millions of retinal scans.


The presentation, now available to watch below, was part of an expert panel examining how AI can offer vision care providers new tools for disease detection and diagnosis.

Read more about the Summit programme, and its focus on the growing impact of AI on the optical profession: Vision Monday Leadership Summit 2024

For more information on the AI technology presented by Pearse, and the role of INSIGHT in providing trusted researchers with secure access to the world's largest ophthalmic bioresource, please get in touch:


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