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Lessons from a pioneering programme to catalyse UK health data research

Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) documents the impact of INSIGHT and six other health data research hubs set up as part of the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Programme, in a series of new reports published today. A case study on INSIGHT’s work enabling life sciences start-ups and early-stage companies forms part of the main summary report.

Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) established the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Programme five years ago to develop a UK-wide infrastructure for the trusted use of health data for research. Each Hub is a collaboration across NHS, industry, academia and public and patient representatives with a specific area of clinical or data-as-a-service expertise, setup to provide a range of services to support and enable external users to understand and use health data for research and innovation.

Seven Hubs were established in 2019: INSIGHT, Discover-NOW, Gut Reaction, DATA-CAN and BREATHE were funded directly through the D2EDPM challenge, and a further two – NHS DigiTrials and PIONEER – funded via HDR UK core funds.

In the reports, HDR UK explores how the programme, underpinned by a robust patient and public involvement and engagement strategy and strong sector-wide partnerships, has reshaped the health data research landscape and created lasting impact, paving the way for longer-term, more ambitious use of health data for public benefit.

Copy in part courtesy of HDR-UK

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