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INSIGHT joins other hubs for ‘All matters data and all data matters’ online event

The webinar on 3 February was organised by MedCity, a networking organisation for London's health and life sciences sector. It brought together speakers from three of the Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) hubs – Discover-NOW, DATA-CAN and INSIGHT – to highlight the opportunities of working with us to unlock the power of healthcare data for research, development and patient benefit. The audience, which numbered in the hundreds, was made up of representatives from across the healthcare and tech sectors.

INSIGHT was represented by Deputy Director and Chief Data Officer Dr Pearse Keane. In his presentation, entitled ‘Transforming Ophthalmology with AI’, Dr Keane described how a team of researchers from Moorfields and DeepMind have demonstrated the huge promise of a data-driven approach to developing new diagnostic techniques. Combining deep-learning, artificial intelligence and anonymised patient data, the team was able to use routinely collected Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans to predict as many as 50 different eye diseases, as well as a host of other factors. You can find out more about the potential benefits of INSIGHT here.

You can watch a video of the whole event on YouTube, or watch the sections related to INSIGHT below.

Introduction to INSIGHT (video starts at 14m25s):

INSIGHT case study presentation from Pearse Keane (video starts 48m40s):

Screenshot of Pearse Keane's presentation from the MedCity event showing hub logos


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