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Smart Living: Episode 4 of INSIGHT podcast now available

With Tamandra Harkness, Fraser Fleming and Dr Amit Patel

This episode opens our eyes to just how much we already rely on Big Data and Algorithms without even knowing it, and looks at some of the latest technology for Visually Impaired People that may have uses for all of us. How does data-based technology learn what we want from it? And just how personal is personalisation?

Dr Amit Patel is joined by Timandra Harkness, writer, presenter, comedian and author of 'Big Data: Does Size Matter?', and Fraser Fleming, chairman of Triple Tap Tech, a charity he set up to provide advice, help, support and training on technology from a visually impaired viewpoint.

Listen to the full podcast below, or find all the episodes on

Find the participants on Twitter:

- Dr Amit Patel: @BlindDad_Uk

- Tamandra Harkness: @TimandraHarkness

- Fraser Fleming: @mrfafleming

And don't forget to follow us @INSIGHTeyehub

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