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INSIGHT Director discusses the future of Artificial Intelligence on Global Safety Podcast

“... as digital health becomes more important, including A.I. systems, you need to make sure that those tools have been trained on a diverse dataset that represents the whole population, not just the majority group”

Professor Alastair Denniston, Director of INSIGHT

Professor Alastair Denniston, Director of INSIGHT

The latest episode from Lloyd's Register Foundation's 'Global Safety Podcast' features INSIGHT Director Professor Alastair Denniston, alongside guests from the fields of technology and recruitment, talking about the future of artificial intelligence (A.I.).

The podcast focusses on how A.I. can make the world a safer place, leading to better decision-making that helps individuals and society.

The panel discuss the definition of A.I. and how it differs from machine learning by using data to derive and refine its own rules, as opposed to just following a set of fixed rules to recognise patterns.

Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • Built-in biases and how to avoid reinforcing them

  • The future of healthcare

  • Health data poverty

  • Creating diverse and inclusive datasets

  • Fairness and regulation of A.I.

  • The future of A.I.

In medicine, Professor Denniston explains how we are starting to use A.I. to automate processes that are currently very time-consuming and require human expertise that may be in short supply.

He sets out his vision for a future in which A.I. will not only help meet current health needs, but also how existing care pathways will adapt to be more suitable and safer for A.I. systems.

“What I want from an A.I. system is to have more time to allow me to be a human doctor...being able to help another human who's in make the very best decisions”

About 'The Global Safety Podcast'

The podcast is made by Lloyd's Register Foundation, a global charity supporting research, innovation and education with the aim of engineering a safer world. It discusses a broad range of topics centred on some of biggest potential dangers facing the world and how society might overcome them through technology, ingenuity and forward-planning.


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