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The Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health

Improving healthcare for the benefit of patients by enabling safe and trusted research access to anonymised data

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What is INSIGHT?

We are an NHS-led initiative set up to make routinely collected eye data available for approved health research. Our aim is to improve healthcare by making it simpler for researchers to use large, anonymised sets of patient data in a safe and ethical way.

INSIGHT is led by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust working in partnership with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. INSIGHT is built around our 'North Star' – a guiding principle for delivering benefit to patients and wider society through improving safe, efficient and ethical access to eye health data for research.

INSIGHT at a glance: our three pillars

Together with our NHS partners, we are working with researchers from academia, industry and charity sectors to transform the way diseases are diagnosed, treated and managed in the UK and beyond.


We grant trusted researchers access to INSIGHT's unrivalled datasets to develop AI-enabled diagnostic tools for earlier detection of eye disease and systemic disease such as dementia and diabetes.


Through collaboration with industry partners and others with complementary expertise, we can transform research discoveries into real-world solutions, so that everyone can benefit.


Our goal is to realise quicker, faster diagnosis and treatment for sight loss and some of the most widespread diseases of our time, including diabetes and dementia. Patient data is key to this work.

INSIGHT Data Dashboard

We are the world's largest ophthalmic imaging bioresource.
This dashboard provides an overview of our data, and the research it enables. Figures are updated regularly.*


eye images

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patients represented

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research projects 

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* last updated: 4 March 2024

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