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INSIGHT directors contribute to Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health

INSIGHT Director Professor Alastair Denniston and Deputy Director Pearse Keane were among a large international team of authors from 25 countries contributing to a landmark report on global eye health and its implications for quality of life, sustainable development and the economy.

The report points out that over a billion people are missing out on basic eye care, 90% of whom have a vision impairment that is preventable or treatable with existing highly cost-effective interventions.

One of the key findings of the report is that “Reliable survey and service data are key to progress in eye health” and that “robust indicator data are needed to shape change and drive action”. It also highlights the importance of harnessing new technology to improve eye health. Pearse Keane and Alastair Denniston co-led the section on artificial intelligence (A.I.) while Alastair Denniston co-led a global review of AI datasets.

A pair of glasses is held up to the sky in front of a sunset

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