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Alastair Denniston

INSIGHT representative

Professor Alastair Denniston is a consultant ophthalmologist at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, leading research into the use of health data and artificial intelligence to improve patient care in the ‘real world’. He is Director of INSIGHT, the HDRUK Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health, which is focused on eye disease and its application to wider health, including diabetes and dementia.

Alastair has particular interest in how we can ensure that the innovation within the broad field of ‘artificial intelligence’ is translated efficiently but safely to benefit patients. This includes improving the reporting standards of trials (CONSORT-AI and SPIRIT-AI), exploring the regulatory framework for AI in healthcare, and working with NHS-X, HDRUK and other organisations to support the best of these innovations right through the implementation pathway.

Alastair Denniston

Experience and interests

○ Clinician Ophthalmologist, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

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